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 Spring 2021

Instructive video on how to get started!




You MUST complete the whole agreement form below, otherwise you won’t be able to have a video call.

If you have successfully registered to Language Amigo you should receive an email with the copy of your answers of your registration form


Please, read the whole Toolkit before signing the agreement


to fill out the agreement form




1. Receive automatic confirmation of your video chat

2. Do preparation work (if needed)

3. Receive an email reminder one day before and a few min. before the video chat

4. Join the call and have fun during your videochat!

5. Receive recorded video chat and personalized feedback

6. Rate your Amigo





Good Internet connection

Test Zoom with a friend prior to your video chat

Working camera and microphone 

Test your camera and microphone prior to your video chat

Zoom app

Download it on your smartphone or laptop

(Zoom assistance center)

Any issues?

Email us at hola@languageamigo.com




Reschedule your video chat - Emergencies only!

  • You can only reschedule in case of an emergency
  • You need to reschedule at least 3 hours before the scheduled video chat
  • You can only reschedule a given video chat once, if you can’t show up to the rescheduled call, you won’t be able to have that call anymore.
  • You are allowed to reschedule a maximum of 2 times during the semester without penalties

How to reschedule
  • Only reschedule through Calendly, do not try to reschedule via email
  • Enter the confirmation email from Calendly for the specific video chat that you want to reschedule
  • At the end, you will find the option (as shown in the picture) that will allow you to inform your Amigo about your emergency and to reschedule.
  • When you’re rescheduling, you will only see options for new times that are at least 12hrs later.
  • After you reschedule, you will receive a confirmation email from Calendly with the new details for your video chat
IMPORTANT: Restrain from contacting your Spanish professors directly as they can’t help you much with this. Use Calendly only, if you have any issues, contact your Amigo and cc hola@languageamigo.com

Cancel your video chat

  • You should not cancel your video chat, otherwise that means that you will not be having that video chat and it is likely that your grade will be affected.
  • If you cancel a video chat by accident you can simply schedule it again using your Amigo’s Calendly

Your grade

  • Your Amigo will be providing feedback for you on your first drafts. Take careful notes because you will be making the changes to your essay.
  • Both you and your Amigo will have a copy of the rubric your professor will use to grade your final version. You will receive full credit for your work with your Amigo if you are:
    1. on time for your meeting
    2. speak in Spanish
    3. are open to feedback and successfully incorporate your Amigo's suggestions into your final paper.
  • Remember that there are penalties if you don’t show up, don’t follow the rescheduling guidelines, or turn in your work late


You will only receive 80% or less of your grade if:

  • You reschedule and it is not an emergency, or
  • You reschedule with less than 3 hours prior to your original video chat, or
  • It is 3rd time (or more) that you reschedule during the semester
You won’t be able to have your call if:
  • You reschedule a video call and don’t show up to to the new call
  • You reschedule a given video call more than once.
If you don’t show up:
  • If you didn’t communicate with your Amigo before the scheduled chat and don’t show up within the first 10 minutes, it is likely that you will not receive credit for this video chat.


  • The video chats will be recorded but they will be kept confidential! Only you, Language Amigo, and your Spanish professors will have access to the recordings.
  • All the information we collect from you will be kept confidential!
  • You are not allowed to share or use any Language Amigo materials or information for purposes outside of your class.



Where do I find the link to my video chat?

Remember that as long as you have video calls with the same Amigo, the link will be always the same. You can get your link from the field “Location” in the confirmation email you receive from Calendly ( Click here to see an example).

Where do I find the exit survey or the Learners feedback form?

Click here to access the exit survey or the Learners feedback form.

Do I have to schedule all my video chats?

You are only scheduling the first video chat. The day and time that you select for the 1st video chat will be used to schedule the following video chats on the predetermined Language Amigo weeks for your class. For example, if you select Tuesday at 4pm, you are going to have your next chats on Tuesdays at 4pm. The Language Amigo Team will schedule the rest of your video chats!

Where can I access my Amigo profile (Calendly)?

If you need to access your Amigo Calendly again find here his/her link:

What to expect during my video chats?

  • The chats will be recorded, but only you, Language Amigo and your Spanish professors will have access to it.
  • The video chat will last between 25 to 30 minutes from the time it is scheduled to start
  • The whole video chat will be conducted in Spanish. Don’t worry if it feels a bit slow or weird. Just get comfortable!
  • There could be some technical issues at first, so please make sure you are up and ready with all the tech required and we will do the same on our side.
  • The conversations will usually be about predetermined topics, however, it’s OK to go off topic for a little bit
  • You or your Amigo can make mistakes, but that’s OK. This is a safe environment!

How can I contact the Language Amigo team?

If you have any issues or concerns please email the Language Amigo team at hola@languageamigo.com or use the WhatsApp account for customer support +1 (224) 326-0125. We will reply to your messages within 1 business day


Learner is late

  • Let your Amigo know (always cc hola@languageamigo.com) that you’re late
  • Your Amigo will wait for you a maximum of 10 min.
  • If you’re running more than 10 minutes late you need to inform your Amigo via email (always cc hola@languageamigo.com) and reschedule your video chat through Calendly. Remember you can only reschedule 2 times total. If there's a third time or more, you will receive 80% or less of your grade.

Learner doesn't show up

If you don’t show up and didn’t contact your Amigo before the video chat, you will be missing that session and it is unlikely that you will get credit for it.

Amigo is late

  • In the unlikely scenario that your Amigo is running late, he/she should email you to let you know and he/she will have 10 minutes to start the video chat.
  • If the Amigo doesn’t show up within 10 minutes please email hola@languageamigo.com to inform us of the situation, we will find a solution.

Amigo doesn’t show up

This is also a very unlikely scenario. If your Amigo doesn’t show up and didn’t contact you before the scheduled video chat, please email hola@languageamigo.com to inform us of the situation.

Amigo needs to reschedule

If your Amigo needs to reschedule (they also can’t do it more than twice) you will receive a cancelation email from Calendly with the explanation of his/her unavailability. You will need to schedule a new chat using your Amigo’s Calendly.

There are technical problems

  • If you think the issues are on your Amigo’s side, email your Amigo (always cc hola@languageamigo.com)




Welcome to Language Amigo / About Language Amigo

Thank you for your interest and welcome to Language Amigo! We want to develop the best Spanish conversational and cultural experience tool for you and together we will create opportunities and connect the world through the power of language.
Ana María and Macarena, Language Amigo Co-founders Language Amigo is a social enterprise founded by two students of the Oxford MBA program. The company seeks to create opportunities for young people in Latin America and envisions to connect the world through the power of language. Language Amigo uses video calls to connect language “Learners” (people around the world who want to practice conversational Spanish), with native speaking “Amigos” (people in Latin America who wish to gain flexible income opportunities). Learners and Amigos from different backgrounds will be able to interact and see the world from the perspectives of those they may never otherwise meet.

Language Amigo terminology

  • Amigo: talented youngsters from Latin America who would love to connect with you and help you become more fluent in Spanish!
  • Learner: people around the world studying Spanish who want to have conversations with real people in a safe environment to master the language.
  • Videochat: 30 min. videocall between an Amigo and a Learner. It's the perfect time to practice Spanish and share cultural experiences! The whole videochat will be in Spanish.
  • Language Amigo Team: people within Language Amigo who are in charge of coordinating and executing all the necessary actions so that the videochats can be carried out.
  • Language Amigo Tools: all the resources that are offered to you by Language Amigo to facilitate the videochat. For example: this toolkit.
  • Vital signs: in other words, communication! Unfortunately, we can’t read minds. So, if you can’t show up to a videochat or have any issues you need to let us know.

General tips!

  • Patience: Internet connection is not always perfect...
  • Ask any questions! Amigos want to help you!
  • Slow down: Speak slowly or ask your Amigo to speak slowly
  • Be comfortable: It’s Ok to change topics if you don’t like them
  • Write: Use Zoom chat to type if needed
  • Vital signs: If something is not working, let us know!


"Language Amigo took me out of my confined comfort zone and allowed me to develop my skills in speaking Spanish while also having interesting and educational conversations about relevant topics." - Xavier G., Learner “Practicing Spanish with natives is something that I really lacked throughout my years of studying the language and I know I’m not alone. It was definitely jumping into the deep end when I arrived to Colombia, but I can definitely thank the calls I had with Language Amigo for helping build my confidence to hit the ground running here with confidence and a smile.” -Ben A., Learner

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