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1. Buy your video chats through PayPal (if you haven’t done it yet)

2. Explore the Amigo’s profiles, select an Amigo and schedule your video chat! 

Important: The Amigo you select for your 1st chat will be the same for all the following video chats

3. Receive an automatic confirmation email

4. GO BACK to the agreement form and finish it

Your video chat needs to take place from March 1st to 7th, please only schedule it for that week.

1. You are only scheduling the first video chat.

2. The day and time that you select for the 1st video chat will be used to schedule the following video chats on the predetermined Language Amigo weeks for your class. For example, if you select Tuesday at 4pm, you are going to have your next chats on Tuesdays at 4pm. 

3. The Language Amigo Team will schedule the rest of your video chats!

Scheduling your next video chats

You can schedule video chats on Sundays if it works for you and your Amigo; however, if you have any issues, the Language Amigo Team does not  provide customer support on Sundays.  You are encouraged to work out any issues with your Amigo directly. 

Video chats on Sundays




I am a veterinary and zoological medicine student. I am part of the project “Huellas Colombia”.

I have been passionate about animals from a very young age, I like to be the voice of those who do not have it.

I enjoy singing, dancing and reading. 

10 reviews




I am a modern languages student (English and French).


I am visually impaired, but my disability gave me the key to a no limits mindset. I love learning languages and meeting people from different cultures. 


I enjoy singing, volunteering, writing, reading, and talking.

16 reviews